Our offer

We deliberately forbear from focusing your attention on the medical products we promote. You will not find information on them on this site. We offer our partners integrated business solutions.

It is precisely versatile tried-and-true technologies of launching medical products into the market that allow us to think beyond separate directions, segments or fields of medicine. Hence, regardless of whether you produce pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, hygienic products or food supplements, AlenMed Promotion SIA can offer you a custom-made integrated solution.

We do not offer registration, marketing, promotion and distribution of a product as separate traditional market launching activities — instead, we propose a comprehensive, integrated solution.

Our essential feature is promotion of partners’ business in the new markets. The keystones of expansion into new markets strategy are professional research and innovative integrated technologies. Certainly, our mission is development of your business in the territory (or territories) you choose to grant us rights for. A perfect indication of the high level of services rendered by our company is the list of our respected partnerswith each of whom we have signed long-term cooperation contracts.

Naturally, adoption of such cooperation mode is going to take a high degree of mutual trust and a relations history. For this reason, we are prepared to work with new partners on the basis of outsourcing by rendering specific services, e.g. marketing research, registration of products etc, thereby providing consulting support for your business.

Our experience suggests that outsourcing-based initial cooperation develops into a full-scale mutually beneficial partnership, the reasons for this being our capabilities, team and infrastructure that guarantee efficient management of your business in the territories of operation granted to us.

You can request further details, receive answer to your questions, get a full company PowerPoint presentation by contacting us.