The appeal of CEO

AlenMed Promotion SIA was established in 2005 by a professional team with longstanding work experience in the field of marketing and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Our objective is to grant manufacturers of pharmaceutical products an opportunity to conduct innovative business in the new geographic areas.

Our main focus is the “combined solutions” approach, under which our pharmaceutical products’ distribution and marketing processes in various geographical markets become integrated into a single seamlessly functioning business system operated by us in close cooperation with the partner-manufacturer.

Company’s major areas in medicine are dermatology, gynaecology, oncology, and urology. Together with that, we are open for cooperation with pharmaceutical companies operating in other segments of pharmaceutical products and medical goods market.

We also render registration services for standalone pharmaceutical products and provide operational support in the territories covered by our Representative Offices.

Our team, network, potential and expertise are always there to boost your business’ development. Proceeding from established Western business approach and partnership-building principles, we are fully aware of and take into account specific features of new markets prospective for your business. Our company reduces your potential risks of entering these markets to a bare minimum by providing worldwide-accepted and recognized legal and banking guarantees.

AlenMed Promotion SIA develops and implements comprehensive strategic solutions designed to facilitate expansion of your business, receiving mutually beneficial result of this work as a reward. All you need is to manufacture the product — leave all the rest to us.

With best regards and hopes for cooperation,
Vladimir Starovoitov
Chief Executive Officer