Logistics and risks

Logistics and risks

We are striving to be closer to our potential clients not only geographically, but also at the level of methodologies, values, and approaches. Located in Latvia, AlenMed Promotion SIA proceeds from Latvian legislation and EC regulatory framework in the course of forming mutual relations with partners.

Throughout cooperation, our partners face no technical difficulties and receive additional guarantees, since existing financial and logistical risks insurance policies are valid in the entire EU space, and banking procedures for various types of payment meet relevant European standards.

We have succeeded in organizing business in such a way that enables you to have your interests represented in new markets while communicating with your business partners in the language common to you and using the risk management tools you have been used to.

Logistics and risks

To ensure convenience for our partners and maximized security, we cooperate with major logistical units, such as “Dominik” JV in Belarus and Greencarrier AB in Latvia.

Employment of the European banking system (particularly, GE Money Bank that services AlenMed Promotion SIA) enables us to offer you efficient methods of payment that provide for significant reduction of country-specific credit risks.

Should you choose us as your partners, you will always have up-to-date information regarding the state of affairs, cargo location, availability and remainder of products at company’s warehouses. Elegance, reliability and transparency of the business-to-business cooperation model are an indisputable competitive advantage and the core approach of AlenMed Promotion SIA towards building partnership.

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